Restoring and Rejuvenating our Parking areas

Restoring and Rejuvenating our Parking areas

We have all heard the phrase “You never get a second chance to make a great First Impression!” This adage is especially true in today’s competitive business environment. Commercial Building owners, managers, and facilities professionals must weigh several Important consideration when looking to maintain their parking areas.


When our clients and customers as well as our employees pull into our parking areas and Walk into our facility, safety is necessary. With new technological advances and formulas, we can rest assured that we not only have an attractive look but a safe Skid Resistant area that prevents slips and falls. The old “Shiny Sealcoat method “will not cut it against the new coatings that not only are more durable but are tested for safety These coatings incorporate carefully selected aggregates that provide superior slip and skid resistance, both initially and over time, making your surfaces safer for foot and vehicle traffic. These coatings are also fully compliant with the American Disabilities Act (ADA).

Cost Savings

Your Parking lot has a “lifecycle” that begins the minute that it is poured. If your Parking areas are Asphalt based, you have several advantages. Since Asphalt is monolithic (one continuous surface) it does not require expansion joints common in concrete. Asphalt lots are less expensive to pour than concrete and 95% of reclaimed Asphalt is recycled or reused, making it America’s most recycled product. When coupled with a good Coatings maintenance program you can actually extend the life of your parking area saving you the need to repour and delay the need to re mill your lot. Additionally, with new processes and technological advances you can have fewer touches and fewer disruptions to your business means less interruptions for your business and less hassle for you customers, clients, and employees. With a solid coating company using state of the art materials you can expect to realize an 8% to 15 % Real cost savings for every 5-year period.


As we mentioned initially first impressions are important. People size up the quality and reputation of your business the moment that they see your facility. Prior to meeting with your personal, your customers form an opinion about your business the moment that they arrive on your lot. Try it yourself the next time you do any errand whether it be to your grocery store, a restaurant, hospital, anywhere you and your family do business Is the Parking Lot fresh looking, well maintained, clean and free from unsightly cracks, pot holes and delaminated concrete or Asphalt? With today’s techniques we can add color and even create patterns, your logo, and designs in asphalt that replicates brick, and even decorative pavers, all without the safety hazards and hassles of heaving and uneven trip hazards.


Commercial Property owners, managers, and Facility professionals demand a good looking and long-lasting durable, pleasing to the eye, safe parking area treatment. With many municipalities and States banning the use of Coal Tar emission sealants Today it is more important than ever that a trusted adviser assist you in making certain that not only is your Parking Lot restored, rejuvenated and durable but that it is compliant and safe for you, your employees, your customers, and the environment. Knowledgeable professionals will guide you to a solution that is low in VOC levels (Volatile Organic Compounds) using water-based acrylics rather than solvent based solvents.

Wrapping it up

What you want is simple A world class looking Parking area that reflects your company’s excellence A turnkey approach that manages traffic control, gets in gets out and has minimum disruptions to your day to day business. A solution that is cost effective, and provides a clean, safe solution that extends, restores, and rejuvenates your parking areas. Lastly you want peace of mind. Knowing that you did the right thing with the right material. A 3-year Material AND Labor Warranty does just that. Our business philosophy is simple We want to treat you the same way that we want to be treated Fairly, Honestly, Respectfully with Integrity.


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